Aerodata International Surveys

Aerodata International Surveys is a young and dynamic company with activities in the field of geo-information, especially aerial photography, laseraltimetry, digital orthophotography, photogrammetry and remote sensing. This company provides us aerial photography from the Batavierenrace route. A very dynamic and quick serving company.


Byte Internetdiensten is the official webhost for the Batavierenrace and affiliated projects. They deliver reliable and secure webhosting services for SME's and private persons.

DTM products

DTM Products, is a telecom hardware reseller who supplied us the GSM antennes to connect our box to the GSM network.


Falk will be our partner again for this years race, we are very happy with their commitment to suppport us as much as they can.
Falkplan is part of the Wegener NV which has some major media-companies, such as newspapers and magazines. Falkplan provides various products for companies and the home-user. One can think of all kinds of maps of the Netherlands which have very high detail. They provide all kinds of maps and related products. We are very happy Falkplan wants to provide us a digital map of the Batavierenrace route.

SMS Stunter

SmsStunter is a company which provides SMS message delivery at low costs. They deliver SMS messages for all kinds of companies who want to reach their customers directly. SmsStunter will provide us SMS messages during the race to inform people about what is going on during the race.

Telematica Instituut

The Telematica Instituut has promised to be our partner again and will support us during the coming race.
The Telematica Instituut is a unique partnership between the business community, research centres and government, to perform research in the field of telematics for the public and private sectors. The institute's objective is to strengthen the competitiveness and innovative strength of Dutch business, as well as improving the quality of our society through the proper application of telematics. To achieve this, the institute brings together leading researchers from various institutions and disciplines

Varta Consumer Batteries

Varta Consumer Batteries provides back-up power packs for the BPS system. As a Member of the Rayovac Corporation, Varta Consumer Batteries operates in the global field of portable energy for devices used by consumers and industry. When you need flexibility and independence, Varta offers a wide range of batteries and rechargeables. Varta supports your lifestyle, whether you have a digital camera, MP3 player, Gameboy (TM) or GPS system, VARTA delivers precisely the right energy.

Vermeulen Printservice

Vermeulen Printservice has been manufacturing printed circuit boards for the professional electronics industry since 1979. As a result of continuous innovation, the number of employees has grown over the years to its present level of over 50. The quality of the products and the organisation is something that systematically receives a great deal of attention. The continuity within our organisation guarantees reliability in the supply of high quality products. We are the only company in The Netherlands to offer a Rapid Service which guarantees a delivery time of 8 working hours for single-sided and double-sided prototypes, complete with solder mask and legend. For multilayer boards up to 14 layers we offer a 48-hour (2 working days) Rapid Service. We are in a position to offer this level of service because we have a flexible, flat organisation, modern production facilities and a workforce with a highly developed sense of quality awareness.

Wireless Campus

Wireless Campus was in the BPS partnership last year as a subsponsor of O2 and will be in the spotlights this year. Wireless Campus is a mobility-provider with as target business the higher education(high school, universities). They want to support innovative activities with new technologies. The Wireless Campus is providing us a mobile simcard to use with the "Wireless Circle" project offered to students of the University of Twente. We can use these simcards for testing purpose.

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